In past 16 years I’ve written 200 + articles and essays about entrepreneurship, work, and business. Some have appeared in the New York Times, Red Herring, Asiaweek and other print publications.

Some that are still available online:

Cultural Coloring ― Exploring How National Origin Affects the International Portability of Business Models (doctoral thesis)

A Message to Those Confused About Career Direction

When Connectivity Breeds Loneliness

Life’s Number One Success Principle

Three Lessons My Students Taught Me

Design and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Hints from Overseas

Here’s a “Getting Ahead” Secret Already Within Our Grasp

What Purpose Work?

Losing a Job, Reclaiming a Life

A Message of Improvement From Self-Help’s Founding Father

Why We Should Cherish, Rather Than Hide, Our Imperfections

Three Ways You Can Become More Entrepreneurial Now

What The Seeker Ultimately Discovers

Thanks, Bill, for Connecting Our Connections

Why “Multitasking” Slows Productivity — And What To Do about It

Entrepreneurship’s Siren Song

Is it Meg? Or the Model?

Why We Should Contradict Ourselves

Will We Soon Pay to Remain Disconnected?

Three Phrases Men Stumble Over — Yet Women Long to Hear

Time to Give In, Time to Give Up

The One Place You’ll Always Be Indispensable

Why Businesspeople Speak Like Idiots

Time to Give In, Time to Give Up

How to Decide If You Should Become an Entrepreneur

The Rainbow Vanishes

Remarkable Handheld Devices Transport Users Far Beyond Computing

Why a Multimillionaire Businessman Took a Beginner’s Class in Entrepreneurship

Get a Load of This CRAP™ in 2009

Ten Soul-Affirming Messages for 2009

A Moment of Fulfillment

Coffee Breakthrough

Please Buy Our Paper-Printed Book

A Message to Those Aspiring to Blend Meaning and Money

An Uncommon Way to Express the Real You

One Way to Fix a Dysfunctional Workspace

Quiz: Are You the Entrepreneurial “Type”?

One Way to Protect Your Soul in a Wired Age

A Soul-Satisfying, Two-Step Approach to Career Transition for 2009

The Surprising Truth About Why People Become Entrepreneurs

Why “Time Management” is Nonsense—And What You Can Do About It

Entrepreneurship: Why It’s Not about You

Soaring Success, Devastating Failure: A Samurai’s Story

In Praise of Salaried Employment

Make This Year’s Decisions Stick with This Simple Secret

What’s Wrong with My Desk?

The Office Worker’s Guide to Staying Swamped

For Entrepreneurs Starting with Nothing, Here’s the Ultimate Strategy

How to Create Wealth, How to Keep Wealth

How to Start Unplugging From a Plugged-in Job

How to Stay Stressed

Knuckling Down to the Hard Work of Writing

Making Money: The Right and Wrong Questions to Ask

The Truth About Quitting and other winners

The Soul of an Entrepreneur, the DNA of a Business

Twenty-Seven Years of Zen Destroyed My Life

Four Simple Steps to Getting Fit

How to Go Solo Without a “Big Idea”

Three Questions Seekers Must Ask Themselves

Pursuing Fortune and Fulfillment with Blogger Extraordinaire J.D. Roth

Three Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Own Business

Entrepreneurship: A Primer

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Happiness Issue

Failure: A better teacher than success

What’s the Big Idea?

Opting Out of the Deferred Life Plan

Fixing a Broken Work Model

Billionaire Lessons in Prosperity-Building

Can We Really Change? Yes and No …

Changing Scenes with the Law of Requisite Variety

Daunting Task? Learn to Whip It

Here’s to Success Finding ‘How to Succeed’ Books

You’ve Got to Jump

Understanding the World Through the Thomas Theorem

Recognizing the Opportunity Within

My Search for the Bushido in George W. Bush

Eight Difficult, Outdated Ways to Excel

The Weight of Compensation, the Lightness of Contentment

Want to Achieve Your Goal? Avoid E-Mail!

Four Simple Steps to Getting Fit

Happiness is Turning Off the Computer

The Four-Letter Question for 2008

How to Set Priorities

Health Insurance for the Poor—and the Prosperous

What We Really Need to be Happy

How Much is Enough?

A Moment of Fulfillment

Why Your Home is a Liability

Clark’s Option Theory: Making the Most of Opportunity

Business Practice Arbitrage as a Success Factor in Service Sector
Entrepreneurship by Foreigners in Japan
 (Presented by Carl Kay at AJBS/AIB conference May 2005)

It will take more than this to turn Sony around
International Herald Tribune

Out of Service
New York Times

Paka Paka Girls

Invasion Mode

Wrong Number

Banner Advertising in Japan — a Primer for Buyers
Computing Japan

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